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An archive of influences and the humble beginnings of ideas. Degree in BA(Hons) Contemporary Art @ The University of Huddersfield. All blogged references up until summer 2014 were specific to my research as an art student and are now tailored to my own personal musings and enthusiasm for art, design and life. I also love cooking and baking and making jam. And Marmite..... a lot of Marmite.

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    Multi-touch Finger Paintings by Evan Roth

    American artist and researcher Evan Roth, whose work focuses on tools of empowerment and popular culture, has created a series of images that map the movement of routine tasks performed on Apple products such as the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad. Some of the activities he included were things such as checking your e-mails, unlocking your phone, and reading the front page on the New York Times website. Mr. Roth made use of tracing paper and an ink pad to create this incredible installation. The black ink represents the movement of the right hand and the red ink represents the movement of the left.

    By combining notions of new technology with the elementary method of finger painting, the result is a project that delineates these everyday behaviours in a creative manner, with which I think we can both relate to, and enjoy.

    (Source: jonyorkblog)

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    Artist LIA CHAVEZ  “Hillman+Chavez”
    “Whether pondering mysteries of the night sky or working in my blackened studio or darkroom, I am interested in the interplay between light and dark and how together they conspire to author an experience.Exploring links between the formation of heavenly bodies and earthly ones, I research - through movement in space - an ‘aurorean body’ which, like many undulating forms in the heavens, cannot be precisely measured, categorized, or diagrammed. I work across a wide range of experimental photographic techniques and alternative processes, at times fusing analog with digital and old photographic techniques with new ones. There is one key exception, however: I do not use digital manipulation to achieve my results.” - Lia Chavez

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